August 25, 2022

10 Ways to Go Green with House Cleaning

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10 Ways to Go Green with House Cleaning

There are so many ways you can go green when it comes to housekeeping. From switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, making sure your home is free of harmful germs, and even reducing unnecessary waste by keeping a tidy home. Keeping your home clean is not only important for keeping it looking nice, but also for maintaining the health of those who live there. To keep your home looking spic and span without resorting to harsh chemicals or spending hours scrubbing, we’ve put together these 10 Ways to Go Green with House Cleaning that don’t require a lot of time or hard work but will still have a lasting impact. You don’t have to be an environmentalist in order to start going greener with housekeeping—in fact, it might start feeling like second nature once you get started!

Switch to green cleaning products

Before you start switching over all your cleaning products to eco-friendly alternatives, make sure you have an ample supply on hand. Instead of purchasing new supplies, you can always replace what you’re using now with the new eco-friendly products. Buying new supplies can be expensive, but it’s much more cost-effective to replace what you have now with eco-friendly products. Although it’s likely that your current products are organic, you may be surprised to learn just how many everyday products are organic. To switch over to organic cleaning products, start by writing down all of the cleaning products you currently have in your home. Once you’ve listed them out, you can begin to switch over from the ones that aren’t organic. There are many websites out there that offer recommendations for the best eco-friendly products for different cleaning jobs. You can also ask your family members or loved ones for their recommendations.

Dry mop instead of using the wet type

Instead of using a mop that’s been soaking in water, use a dry mop. A dry mop can be used to clean hardwood and tile floors, sanitize walls and ceilings, and even help clean outdoor surfaces such as patios and sidewalks. Using a dry mop also helps you save water and money, since you’re not using as much water compared to a mop that’s been soaking in a bucket. Dry mops are also safer to use than traditional mops due to their lighter weight and smaller size. Another bonus of using a dry mop is that it can be used on almost any surface. This means you don’t have to worry about damaging the surface while cleaning with a conventional mop.

Use an Eco-Friendly Filtration System

Sometimes, a quick clean is all it takes to get the germs out of a room. However, if you don’t clean frequently enough to keep the air clean, harmful bacteria and viruses can build up. A good way to combat this is to use an air filter system. These types of air filters can help clean the air in your home by trapping contaminates and dust before it can enter your air ducts. Filters can be used in almost any room to help keep your family safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. Filter systems can also be used to help clean the air in your home. Using a fan to blow air through a filter can help to clean the air in your home, and also remove odors and bacteria from your carpet and upholstery.

Drying Rack for Tumble Dryers

Drying racks are another eco-friendly way to clean your home. These racks aren’t just great for drying laundry, they can also be used to clean floors, walls, and windows. Create your own drying rack by taking an empty wine rack outside or using a metal or plastic tray. Another handy tip that many people don’t think about is using a paper towel to dry your dishes. This will save you money on paper towels, and also be much better for the environment as paper towel waste can create a lot of waste when it is simply thrown away.

Make your own laundry soap

Removing the need to purchase commercial laundry detergent can help to save you a lot of money each year. Instead of purchasing commercial detergent, you can simply make your own laundry soap. This type of soap is perfect for cleaning clothes and towels, softening water, cleaning dishes, scrubbing floors, and more.

Avoid Scrubbing With Detergents

Drying racks can also be used to clean tiles and grout. Instead of using a regular sponge to clean grout, try using a non-scratching pad. This will not only minimize the wear and tear on your sponge, but it will also help to avoid scrubbing with bleach or detergent. It may seem like a small difference, but scrubbing with bleach or detergent, especially on a regular basis, can damage your grout. And over time, this can lead to serious issues with your pipes and even your walls.

Repot plants and cut back on watering

Repotting plants can be a great way to go green with your home cleaning. Repotting simply means moving a plant out of its growing container and into a bigger pot. This can help to ensure that the plant has enough water and sunlight, which are the two things it needs to thrive. As for cutting back on how often you water your plants, this can be another great way to save water. Not only will it help to keep your home cooler, but it will also help to keep your lawn green and your plants alive.

Bonus Tip

Here's an eco-friendly home cleaning strategy that you have probably never heard of.  Look for and hire a home cleaning company that offers an environmentally friendly home cleaning service. For example, our company offers a special add-on cleaning option that will ensure that house cleaners will use only eco-friendly products during the home cleaning.


Housekeeping doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. In fact, it can be a lot of fun and be a great way to spend time with your family and friends. These tips will help you to keep your home clean and healthy, while also saving money and resources. So, don’t wait any longer! Start going green today with your housekeeping routine.